Norwich Terriers

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Norwich Terriers, originally from the UK (United Kingdom) are an increasingly popular type of dog, seen most often today as a household pet or show dog. In the 1800s they were used by farmers to catch vermin and have been ‘Man's best friend’ ever since.

The average Norwich terrier will be red, tan, wheaten or black and tan in colour, be 9 - 10 inches tall and will be approximately 5kg (11 pounds) in weight, making them ideal as a family pet. Norwich terriers will typically have litters of 2 - 3 puppies, and typically live 12 - 16 years.

A pack dog, Norwich terriers are very intelligent and are well known for being both courageous and affectionate. At Bardash Kennels we raise our Norwich terriers in a family environment, allowing the puppies to socialize with other dogs and even cats. This ultimately means that all our Norwich terrier puppies are healthy, friendly and have a perfect temperament.

From time to time we may have one or two Norwich terrier puppies for sale. If you would like to talk about Norwich terriers, come for a visit or are interested in a puppy, please get in touch using the contact page here.