Norfolk Terriers

Norfolk Terrier image

Norfolk terriers were originally bred in the UK (United Kingdom) from Norwich terriers but are distinguished by their folded or "drop" ears. They were originally bred to be put to work ridding barns and farmhouses of vermin such as rats, but nowadays make loving and loyal household pets.

Typically a Norfolk terrier will be between 10 - 12 inches tall, according to The Kennel Club breed standards can be shades of red, wheaten or black and tan in colour and weigh about 5kg (11 pounds).

Norfolk terriers have small litters (usually 2 - 3 puppies and can be expected to live 12-15 years, with some growing as old as 19. The demand for Norfolk terriers is far greater than the supply so fine quality pedigrees like the ones here at Bardash Kennels can be hard to come by.

Our Norfolk terrier puppies are second to none, raised in a family environment to ensure that they are healthy, friendly and well natured. We are also proud to have been the first winner of the ‘Undocked Norfolk Terrier Challenge’ at the Richmond Championship in the year 2000.

We may occasionally have a Norfolk terrier puppy for sale. If you are interested in our Norfolk terrier puppies, or would just like advice or even a chat about Norfolk terriers, please get in touch using the contact page here.